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Have you heard this before?
Husband: Honey, I'm playing basketball tonight with the guys at the Y.
Wife: But you've worked late every night this week!
Husband: Exactly, I really need to do this to unwind and relieve my stress.
Wife: You are out every night and now you want to go out again?
Husband: What's your problem? It is not as if I am going out socially every night. Why do you think that I am working so hard? It is only for you and the kids. Do you really think I like these hours? I just want the best for our family.
Wife: You never want to spend time with me. You are always leaving.
Husband: That's not true. I am around all the time when I am not working.
Wife: Even when you are home, you're not home. You are always on the computer, in your workshop or in front of the T.V. We never talk anymore. I feel like you don't even want to be around me anymore.
Husband: That's ridiculous! I love being around you. What do you want? We are not newlyweds anymore. You have everything you could possible want.
Wife (sobbing): I feel so lonely. You never give me any attention anymore, except, you know when. We never communicate anymore. This is not what marriage is supposed to be like!
Lack of attention is a very common problem in today's marriages. Most women dream that when they get married, their husbands will fulfill their every emotional need. They feel that they will both naturally slide into a rhythm of growing closer and closer every day; talking and sharing feelings, clamoring to spend every available moment together, even missing each other while they sleep.
"I felt so estranged from husband, like I didn't even know who he was anymore. We never really talked anymore. I was feeling so lonely in my marriage! And then I was recommended your course. I can't believe that this is the same marriage. Your tools were easy to implement and were even a lot of fun. We really seem to be on the right track now. I feel like I have my husband back. Thank you so much." Debbie - St. Louis
Then they begin to realize that these dreams were just that: dreams. The reality of their marriage is very different. They are not getting the attention they need, not feeling understood, not feeling their husband are really there for them, and worst of all, it will never change.
"My wife is a working woman. Between her job, the kids, household chores and her exercise regiment, I never see her anymore. I was thinking of looking elsewhere to get my needs met when I happened upon you website. And boy, am I glad I did! Just by implementing a few of your strategies, we have never felt closer. Even though her schedule is still hectic, we still seem to find the time for each other. I am so proud of her and all she does. I now feel that we are truly in this together, forever. Thanks again." Brian - Seattle
That is not true. You are not stuck in this predicament forever. There are easy to implement strategies to free you from these unhelpful behaviors.
"I thought my husband didn't love me anymore. He never gave me any attention at all, except in the bedroom. I felt helpless as he got more and more distant. This course really helped me reconnect to my husband. He is much more attentive now, and I don't take it personally when he needs his space. Keep up the good work. I recommend your website to everyone I meet." Janet - Houston
I have developed this seminar to help couples deal with these issues. Follow these easy-to-use steps, and you will find you and your spouse growing closer everyday. In this program you will learn to:
  • Communicate your needs to your spouse.
  • Create daily habits that enhance togetherness.
  • Make the time to spend together daily.
  • Begin dating your spouse.
  • Fall in love all over again.
  • Have fun.
  • Feel listened to.
  • Get the attention you need.
  • Feel mutual intimacy
So many couples have successfully used this plan to connect to each other daily. They have followed these proven strategies and achieved:
  • Constant emotional connection.
  • Constant intimacy.
  • Understanding why you are feeling distance from your spouse.
  • Closing the emotional gap.
  • Enjoying each other's company.
  • A recommitment to the marriage and making each other happy.
  • An end to loneliness.
"Your course has given me a new lease on my life. I was feeling quite desperate. I was really lonely in my marriage. I was not getting the attention that I needed. I felt that my husband was avoiding connecting to me in the way that I wanted him to. He wouldn't talk to me; there was no real meaningful communication in our relationship. Your course has taught us how to connect again. I am so grateful to you every time he looks into my eyes, smiles, and I feel that connection again. Thank you, thank you!" Shawna - Toronto