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Sound familiar?
Husband: How can you never be in the mood?
Wife: I'm not 'never in the mood'. I'm just not in the mood now.
Husband: It really feels as if you are avoiding being intimate with me.
Wife: Do you think that I can just turn it on like a light switch?
Husband: Yeah, why not? I can.
Wife: You just don't get it. How can I be intimate with you, when you make no real effort to connect to me.
Husband: That's not true. This is an effort to connect.
Wife: OK, so then let's just talk.
Husband: What?!? What are you talking about?
Wife (sobbing): Just forget it! I want to go to sleep now.
Unfortunately, intimacy issues are very common problem in marriages today. A recent study done at the University of Chicago stated that a whopping 80% of all visits to marriage counselors started with problems in the bedroom. This makes a lot of sense. Intimacy between a husband and wife is a great indicator of the general health of the marriage. It is almost impossible to have a problem free intimate life, if there is disharmony in the relationship..
"Our lives were so busy. We could hardly find the time to talk, let alone be intimate. We were both exhausted at night, after a full days work and a full evening of homework and bedtimes. I guess we had both just resigned ourselves to the fact that this was going to be our lives, and that things would hopefully eventually change. And then someone sent me to your website. You explained how essential a healthy intimate life was to vibrant marriage. You gave us a fresh new approach to understanding how to achieve fulfilling marital relations. Your practical suggestions and insightful comments really helped us jumpstart this area of our lives. Thank you!" Brian - Seattle
We live in a society that has given us so many negative and erroneous messages about marital intimacy. Media, through television, movies, songs and advertising, constantly convey ideas that are very destructive to a lifelong, meaningful and growth-oriented relationship. The "macho" orientation that is so common nowadays is creating dissatisfied wives. This, in turn, rebounds on men and produces frustration and ultimately feelings of being estranged.
"I can't believe how wrong my understanding of how to satisfy my wife was. I am so grateful to you for opening my eyes and showing both of us how to achieve closeness and intimacy in our marriage." Jack - Toledo
Marital intimacy is the highest form of communication that a couple can experience. The emotional and spiritual attachment is unparalleled in any other relationship. One can truly experience feeling at one with their spouse, cementing their love in all dimensions of their relationship simultaneously.
"My husband and I used to fight so much I the bedroom. I just could not be intimate with him when I did not feel the closeness. He now really understands that marital relations are an expression of the whole relationship and not something I can just turn on and off. You have helped us both tremendously. Thank you!" Elaine - Philadelphia
The frustration in the bedroom begins with a misunderstanding of marital intimacy. Men and women view marital relations very differently. What they consider fulfilling is very different. How they achieve satisfaction is very different. Men need intimacy to feel connection. Women need connection to be intimate. This chasm alone can create intense frustration and hurt feelings.
"The less attractive I felt, the less I desired intimacy. If at all possible I avoided it; however, if it did happen, I was unwilling to let go. I had the feeling I may have been vulgar to my husband. I felt like unless I had no real flaws he would not want me! When I listened to your course, my eyes were opened. I realized that I had been fooled by the society around me. I learned how to really connect to my husband and this has created mutual satisfaction beyond both of our expectations." Melissa - New Orleans
I have developed this seminar to help couples with intimacy issues. Follow these easy-to-use steps. You and your spouse will experience a totally fulfilling intimate life. You will learn to:
  • Appreciate each other’s unique needs.
  • Understand why a great intimate life is essential for a healthy marriage.
  • Communicate your needs to your spouse.
  • Create daily habits that enhance togetherness.
  • Make special time to spend intimately together.
  • Turn intimacy into profound communication.
  • Break away from the general misguided knowledge of marital intimacy.
  • Have fun.
  • Feel really connected to your spouse.
  • Differentiate between marital intimacy and its counterfeits.
  • Feel mutual satisfaction.
So many thousands of couples have successfully used this plan to connect to each other intimately. They have followed these proven strategies and achieved:
  • Profound emotional and spiritual connections.
  • The freedom of trust and security.
  • Understanding why you are feeling diminished desire.
  • The joy of constant connection
  • Enjoying each other's company.
  • A recommitment to making your spouse happy.
  • An end to loneliness.