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Has this happened to you?
Husband: Why do you always bring this up at the wrong time?
Wife: Haven't you noticed, every time is the wrong time!?!
Husband : I don't want to discuss this now.
Wife: When do you want to talk about this?
Husband: Would you stop nagging me, please.
Wife: You never want to talk about things. It is never the right time.
Husband: That's not true. I just don't want to deal with this now.
Wife: You never want to deal with things. We never seem to resolve anything in our marriage. I am sick and tired of waiting for you to be ready to talk about this.
Husband: That's ridiculous! We are constantly dealing with issues. Can't we have one conversation where we don't have to deal with anything? I'm so tired of it.
Wife: If you would listen to me once in a while, you would know what I mean.
Husband: Why can't you just say what you mean? Why do I have to guess all the time?
I can't stand this. If it was up to you we would never deal with anything in our marriage..
(storms out):
That's not true. I just don't want to deal with this now.
So many couples do not know how to resolve conflict. Most couples have never learned the skill of conflict resolution. When issues come up, they stir up their emotions like silt at the bottom of a pond, clouding the issue and creating difficulty in coming to a peaceful outcome.
"My wife made me feel as if everything was my fault in our marriage. She would nag me and get on my case constantly for things I was not doing. I felt like such a failure as a husband because I was obviously not giving her what she needed. Your program really helped me understand how women deal with conflict. I stopped taking everything personally, and started listening to her more. We then began dealing with the issues, one by one. Today, we have a vibrant marriage that is alive with love, respect and dealing with issues. I don't like the conflict very much, but now I am not afraid to deal with it. I can say that it actually makes us closer to each other. Thank you for you wisdom, and most importantly for your practical tools." Jeff - San Diego
Couples who never deal with their issues properly spend so much energy trying not to be hurt, and by limiting the damage caused by their irrational emotional outbursts. This energy should be better spent building love and togetherness, rather then repairing emotional wounds..
"I was so hurt by my husband. He just didn't seem to care enough to tackle our marriage problems. The more he retreated, the more hurt I got. I was ready to give up when I found your site. I decided to give it one last try. We had so much resentment built up that I had no idea how to begin. I decided to implement one strategy that I had control of, which was how I spoke to him when we had issues. I used your technique of 'speaking to your husband so he won't feel defensive', first. This diffused so much of the initial tension that we began talking to each other in a way we hadn't for years. We then started implementing your other techniques for resolving conflict. I feel as if we have a brand new marriage. Thank you with all my heart." Jackie - Dallas
This seminar was created to help couples learn conflict resolution. Follow these easy-to-use steps, and you will find you and your spouse tackling the most challenging issues together. In this program, you will learn to:
  • Differentiate real conflicts from momentary disputes.
  • Step into challenges; rather then try to run away from them.
  • Make the time to deal with your issues.
  • Talk to each other without making your spouse feel defensive.
  • Implement effective listening skills.
  • Understand the different ways men and women deal with issues.
  • Acquire solution focused conflict resolution proficiency.
  • Feel closer as a result of your marital issues.
"My husband and I were constantly bickering and fighting. We got to the point where we were afraid to even speak to each other, in case it lead to a fight. I grew more and more depressed because it looked as if this is what our marriage was doomed to be forever. That was when a friend recommended your conflict resolution program. Wow! Just understanding how men and women approach conflict differently, removed so much of our confusion. That, added with the skills to actually deal with our issues, has truly saved our marriage. Thank you so much. I have already recommended your program to all my friends. " Roxanne - Miami
Thousands of successful couples have used this plan to resolve their marital conflicts.
They have followed these proven strategies and achieved:
  • A feeling of constantly growing closer together.
  • Not being stuck on the same issues for years and years.
  • Not being afraid to bring up issues.
  • Unparalleled honesty.
  • Feeling closer through conflict.
  • A feeling of being listened to and better understood.
  • An end to loneliness.
  • An end to bickering.
  • Much less nagging.
"I never thought that my marriage would end up like my parents! They were constantly bickering. They loved each other a lot, but it seemed as if they couldn't stand being around each other. But that is exactly what my husband and I had become. It got so bad that I didn't want to socialize anymore because it was too embarrassing. A good friend of mine referred me to your website and I can't believe how quickly things have turned around. We never bicker in public anymore and we now have a clear way of dealing with our issues when they come up. We are finally on the road to the marriage I always envisioned. Thank you very much." Gail - Vancouver