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Live Recording of the World Renown Seven Part Series

1. Extraordinary Marriage Model 5. Communication Skills II
2. How to make your wife happy 6. How to have a good fight
3. How to make your husband happy 7. Making love real every day
4. Communication Skills I  
Most people think that they will figure out how to have a great marriage by trial and error. Try this and see if it works. If it does, then continue to do it more. If it doesn't work, stop doing it and try something else. The problem is that these errors create resentment, hurt feelings and frustration. It then becomes a Herculean effort to work through these negative emotions and just "let it go and try something else". These errors become recurring marriage problems, which, if not treated, end in a divorce, as they do in about half the marriages today.
"My wife and I created lasting changes in our marriage. We got more out of this course than the nine years we spent in marriage counseling." Mitch, New York
This program is a step-by-step instruction manual for your marriage that is simple, easy to use, and has immediate results. It takes the guesswork out of your relationship by introducing a clear marriage model, with practical daily tools for building and maintaining a healthy and loving marriage. The most frequent comment I hear from past participants is that they now communicate in a "common relationship language"; a common relationship language to discuss their feelings, dreams, aspirations and, of course, their problems.
"My husband and I loved this course so much we downloaded it right away for our siblings. Every married couple should be exposed to this wisdom" - Marci and Tom, Hartford.
Relationships, for men, are a perplexing environment. Men do not naturally possess the intuitive sense of how to fulfill a woman in a relationship. They need to learn this skill. Women assume that their men operate in the relationship in a similar way to them. Women must learn that being married to a man necessitates her letting go of her unreal expectations, and then she can build a completely, mutually fulfilling relationship within these new parameters.
"We laughed so hard together. Just listening to the presentation brought us closer together. Not to mention the practical advice and incredibly effective tools." Robert and Stacey, Toronto.
This program is a guide for husbands and wives to learn how to make each other really happy in their marriage. It was recorded in front of a live audience and is both informative and funny.

Both of you will learn how to:

  • Put your marriage first!
  • Make each other feel that they are the most important treasures in each others' lives.
  • Make each other really happy and fulfilled in the marriage.
  • Listen so that your spouse will talk to you.
  • Talk so that your spouse will listen to you.
  • Stop the nagging.
  • Solve recurring marital issues.
  • Have a good fight!
  • Love criticism.
  • Create a loving environment everyday.
So many thousands of couples have successfully used this plan to connect to each other intimately. They have followed these proven strategies and achieved:
  • Profound emotional and spiritual connections.
  • The freedom of trust and security.
  • Understanding why you are feeling diminished desire.
  • The joy of constant connection
  • Enjoying each other's company.
  • A recommitment to making your spouse happy.
  • An end to loneliness.