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Happy Wife Seminar
What are the secrets to creating a life-long, passionate relationship filled with personal fulfillment, growth and happiness? This live recording of Aryeh Pamensky's famous seven part seminar, provides you with the clear understanding of how to achieve intimacy and closeness with your spouse, and the practical tools for you to implement these strategies immediately.
Feeling Lonely
Are you feeling lonely in your marriage? Do you feel disconnected from your spouse, as if you are almost living separate lives? It does not have to be this way. Constant closeness and emotional intimacy do not happen automatically in a relationship. They are the result of a consistent, daily commitment to stay connected to each other
In the Bedroom
Intimacy between a husband and wife is a great gauge of the general emotional health of the marriage. It is almost impossible to have a problem-free life in the bedroom, if there is a fundamental disharmony and a lack of communication in the relationship.
If you are married, you will fight about money. Whether you are living paycheck to paycheck, or you have millions in the bank, you will argue about money. Working through your financial issues, though, can create an unparalleled intimacy between you and your spouse.
Do you feel that you have given your marriage away to your parenting? Do your children leave you very little energy, time and patience for your marriage? But you know that your children should be the ultimate connection between you and your spouse. You know that. So how do you change? What do you do?
Do you feel that you are just not being listened to? Are you feeling that you are not being understood? Communication is the most important ingredient to create a successful marriage. Relationship means relating, and relating means communicating
Conflict Resolution
Most couples have never learned the skill of conflict resolution. Therefore, when issues come up, they stir up emotions like silt at the bottom of a pond, clouding the real issue and creating an argument that goes on and on, or worse, causes one of you to withdraw into a silent stupor.