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"Pamensky is clearly an exceptional talent. I was struck by his material, presentation, and personality. He's hyperkinetic, engaging, very, very smart, and leaves you with practical tools. His message is ready to be packaged for tens of millions of people."

Len Leider, President
AOL Time Warner Ventures

"Everyone could profit by taking Rabbi Pamensky's course!"

Ann Meara, Actress
April 2002, ABC's "Politically Incorrect"

We first signed up for the "Amazing Marriage Course - How To Make a Good Marriage Great" because we heard through friends that it was, well, an "amazing" thing to do. While we thoroughly enjoyed the introductory lecture, we were still unconvinced that we were the appropriate target market for the course, being a recently and happily married couple. When putting this across to Aryeh, he replied, "So you're going to wait for it to go bad first before you come?" After the laugh came the panic."does it go bad, when, why, how??" so many questions and no answers, we had to do the course now.

Aryeh's dynamic, straightforward approach to life's everyday challenges is refreshingly open, honest and to the point. Each entertaining lecture provided humorous food for thought and gave rise to many hours of interesting conversation. Stop searching for the answers..Aryeh leaves you with a pragmatic guide to understanding your partner, more open communication and a roadmap for a healthy, happy, meaningful relationship. It is a truly soulful experience - an "amazing" thing to do!

All the Best,
And Remember to DO YOUR JOB! :) :).

Warren and Kim,
Johannesburg, South Africa

Dear Aryeh,
I am writing to offer my thanks for your marriage course which has fortified our relationship tremendously. When we were first married, I was very busy torturing myself about how much my husband cared for me each time he spoke or acted. Could it really be that he wants to make me happy even though he keeps forgetting to change the light bulb? I thought I was crazy and his response was shock and disbelief. "Really", he asked, "are you kidding?" We had to laugh when you addressed exactly that pattern of misunderstanding in your course. As soon as you clarified for both men and women what was going on in that situation and the humor in it, I smiled and shed a tear of joy for all the people who could avoid all the hard work we did trying to make our marriage happy armed with inner wisdom alone. Where were you ten years ago?!!!

This was just one example of how we benefited from new skills and a deeper understanding of one another. I can honestly say that we took a quantum leap with your clear directions for how to succeed in making each other feel loved, respected and appreciated. Our marriage feels happier and more secure than ever. Thank you for the joy you bring each day when my husband calls just to let me know how important I am to him. Thank you for all the joy this course has brought to us on so many levels.
Wishing you continued success,

Shoshana Helfenbaum,
Jerusalem, Israel

Hi Rabbi
My husband and I took your course last spring. We attended all sessions. The course was very entertaining, and a great way to get out of the house and do something just for us, but we didn't really follow all your suggestions like eye contact, 20 minutes after work, love notes. We did make an effort, but didn't really keep that up. However, the messages you were conveying stuck with us throughout the course, and we talked about it frequently together and with friends

In the months following the course, we began to see small changes in the way we communicated with each other, and started to treat each other with more respect and love. Bad habits are hard to break, but taking your course was the first step toward moving away from behavior that was not supporting a healthy marriage. We improved our ability to listen - really listen - to what was important to each other, what adjustments we could make to make things easier and show that we cared. In doing so, the little things that bother us about each other seemed to take on less significance, and we now focus more on supporting each other.

We still have flare ups, but they don't seem as harsh. We are able to see more clearly that they are often the result of external pressures, and don't take it as personally. We just celebrated our 19th anniversary - but it's never too late to learn. I wish we had had this opportunity at the start of our marriage. I would strongly recommend your course to couples of all ages. It was wonderful. We are interested in taking your refresher classes on an ongoing basis. I'm so glad that that's part of your master plan.

Thank you for your wisdom.

New York, USA

"I hope all is well. I am Dany Shandler from Hollywood, Florida. I attended your seminar at Aish two weeks ago with my husband Marc. First, let me thank you for a most inspiring, meaningful and enjoyable day. We loved the marriage seminar and most importantly, your delivery was outstanding. We came to the seminar with, thank G-D, a wonderful marriage...you helped further create for us an even more wonderful marriage."

Dany Shandler
Miami, USA

After taking The Pamensky Relationship Seminar 7 years ago, I think the information and tools taught to us was very helpful. The secrets that that we learnt about how to make each other really happy were so important to our long-term success. I strongly recommend this seminar to anyone in a marriage. The content was very easy to follow and adhere to. I think the greatest motto from the entire seminar is:


I think Aryeh is a wonderful motivational speaker. If only all men were like him, the world would be a MUCH better place!!

O. S.
Toronto, Canada

My wife and I have been to two of Aryeh Pamensky's seminars. They blew us away. In a roomful of people, it felt like Aryeh was speaking directly to us, addressing the relationship issues we personally face every day. The lessons he taught and the tips he gave us made my wife, especially, feel incredibly good. She came out of both seminars re-energized about our marriage. Aryeh appealed to my desire for structure and concrete steps we can follow and my wife's desire to be heard, understood and affirmed. Plus, Aryeh is funny. We laughed and nodded our heads a lot. He could just as easily be doing a successful stand-up comedy act as teaching relationship tips from the Torah. It's like a funnier, more enjoyable version of John Gray's "Men are from Mars" book. I have spread the word about Aryeh Pamensky because I like and believe in what he says.

Joe Michaels,a
Seattle, USA

"He is a real showman. It doesn't hurt that he is extremely handsome and really knows how to work the crowd. My phone has been ringing off the hook, with people asking when am I bringing him back."

Gloria Max, Executive Director
Jewish Federation of Volusia and Flagler Counties, Florida

"Learning with Aryeh Pamensky is a soaring experience into unbelievable heights of clarity and knowledge. His preparation, presentation and enthusiasm carry you along in the quest for truth and understanding your relationships. The exhilaration and 'rush' felt on each new insight gives me a new high each time I have the pleasure of studying with Aryeh."

Joseph Berman Toronto, Canada

"Aryeh Pamensky is a superb educator. His passion, his knowledge and the ease with which he transmits his classes is truly a joy! He leaves you with total clarity and appreciation."

Helen Berman
Toronto, Canada

The highest recommendation I can give about Rabbi Pamensky's course, is that when my daughter announced her engagement, I 'suggested' that she and her fiancee attend your marriage program. Thank you for your invaluable efforts.

Toronto, Canada

"Rabbi Pamensky helped me identify and clarify the aspects of my life that are really important to my marriage. When I compare my life today to my life one year ago, the difference is remarkable."

Nicole B.
Toronto, Canada

"This was the greatest thing we have done for our relationship in 13 years of marriage."

Sarah W.
Toronto, Canada

"If I had the time, I would be your agent."

Helen Rubenstein, Author
Dating After 35