Don’t Miss The Boat!

One day while I was waiting in line at my local coffee shop, I noticed a magazine stand next to where I was standing.

I picked up a magazine and flipped through the pages.

There was a section that had pictorial essays. One page was entitled “Marriage.”

There was a photograph of a man and a woman dressed impeccably in beautiful business suits.

They were each standing in their own little rowboat on the ocean.

Both boats were facing towards the horizon, pointed in the same direction.

The man and woman were holding hands, supporting each other, stabilizing each other, as the water was a little choppy.

The caption on the bottom read “MARRIAGE.”

The message of this essay was very clear: a good marriage is when two people are sailing in the same direction, supporting each other through the choppy seas of life as they pursue their own lives.

I stared at this picture and thought, “Wow, did they miss the boat!”

Marriage does not truly begin until you climb into the same boat together!

The risk that you will capsize is far greater, of course, because that single boat is far more apt to tip.

But until you climb into a mutual boat together, you are not fully committing to deep intimate sharing.

You can support each other in your own journeys through life and create a very nice life together.

A nice life is good, but it is not extraordinary.

For that, you need to climb into each other’s lives; into the same boat with the same risks.

That is the commitment of a shared life with shared goals.

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