Top 3 Things Men Get Wrong About Women

1. Men believe that their wives are seeing the same situation that they are. They honestly and innocently feel that they perceive what the woman perceives.

What they fail to understand is that the woman always sees everything as a reflection of the relationship.

For example: the man can see a nice car and comment longingly how he would love to have one just like it. A few minutes later he notices (maybe) that his wife seems upset.

He persists in trying to pry what she’s feeling out of her and finds that she perceives his comment about the car as a feeling that he resents being married to her.

Why? Because, as she sees it, she is preventing him from having a car (which he probably can’t afford anyway). But all he was really thinking was how much he likes the car.

The woman always sees everything as a reflection of the relationship – except when he thinks she does, and then she doesn’t!

2. Men believe that what they value as success will make their wives happy. They believe that if they are richer, more powerful, in better shape, or more famous, their wives will love and respect them more.

Women only want their husbands to be committed to making them truly happy.

They want them to be honest and open in the relationship.

Women want their husbands to be successful so that their husbands will feel good about themselves, not to love their wives more.

Men truly earn their wives respect by being courageous in the relationship.

3. Men believe that showing weakness and vulnerability to their wives will make their wives think less of them.

They think: “What kind of a woman would want a man like that?”

They feel that if they show bravado and a confident face, their wives will respect them more.

But women want a real relationship. And to have a real relationship, both partners have to be real.

Hiding out and “acting” is the biggest frustration for women because they cannot build a relationship with a fake husband.

For women, their husband showing weakness demonstrates his your inner strength.

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boruch rabinowitz - February 7, 2018

great points. thank you. i would say that his wife might feel a bit slighted that he might be showing more of a thrill about the car than the thrill he should be getting and communicating to him wife. try this.. Honey you are one million times more exciting that than that stupid car in the showcase. but wouldn’t it be nice to get that car. 🙂

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